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Richland schools back in session

The elementary schools in the Richland School District had their first day of school on Wednesday, beginning the year with a minimum day for the first day of the school year.

Each elementary school saw lines outside the school, with parents and students looking for their child's homeroom assignment. Some of the parents were just trying to hold on just a little longer before letting them go for the school session.

"I told myself that I wasn't going to cry," said Darlene Mendez, who was taking her child for his first day of school. "I didn't do too bad."

Assistant Superintendent of the Richland School District Annette Blacklock, who was at Golden Oak Elementary on Wenesday morning, was smiling and exclaiming, "This is my favorite day of the entire year! The first day of school!"

There was a similar sentiment among the mothers, who were both excited and a little sad to see their children getting more independent. "You can't keep them babies, but you don't have to love it, either," commented Mendez.

At Richland Junior High, the atmosphere was a lot more casual, with students being veterans at the first day routine. But there was still that excitement of going from grade school to the junior high level.

At Shafter High School, the tone was business as usual, with the students planning on this year's clubs and teams they were going to go out for, or what they were going to do for lunch.


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