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Falcons prepare to soar in 2022-2023

Wasco Independence High School leadership welcomed their students back with high hopes and a positive outlook.

"I look forward to meeting the new batch of Falcons and graduating our seniors by May 26th," said Principal Rusvel Prado.

Ninety percent of the student population is composed of seniors.

"What excites me are the challenges. Most of our students are behind in credits, and we work hard to get them back on the right track. I know we have a staff that can do that."

The school prides itself on its excellent team that sets up its students for success.

"Our staff is nervous but excited to meet the kids and raise the bar from last year, when we had an amazing year. We were recognized as a model continuation school and graduated over 100 students."

WIHS tries to provide a warm and friendly environment. "When kids and parents come to our school, they feel really loved," said Prado.

"The best part is that we try to create a family atmosphere for students where everyone knows each other's name."

Enrollment has grown.

"We hope to be fully up to 140 students by December this year," Prado said.

The staff works closely to ensure the best experience for their students. The primary goal is to help the seniors graduate by providing them with the necessary credit recovery options.

"We work to figure out innovative ways to help our students and families be successful. Hopefully, we have another high graduating class," said counselor Vianney Gonzalez.

"Last past year, we had the most. We are striving to get close to that or exceed it."

The key to this is building relationships they achieve as a close-knit community.

"Giving them the best counseling helps us to realize that," said Gonzalez.

Students are excited to embark on a new school year.

"I am happy to be at this school. I think it is a great school, and I can't wait to meet new people and see our teachers," said Abel Badajos.

He said the best part about WIHS is the teachers, staff and principal.

"The campus is awesome. If you are struggling with something, you know you can turn around and ask for help."

Some students waited all summer with anticipation.

"I am going to meet new friends, get good grades and get my work in on time. This is the best school, and they are more kind than the school that I was at before," said Emily Acosta.

The staff cares about their student's education.

"Teachers are nice, and I am confident I will do well with all the support they give us," said Salvador Jimenez.

WIHS is preparing students for the future.

"I am learning about college opportunities, and with our staff and teachers, I know I can count on them," said Yerely Martinez.

"I like that we learn more about careers and what we can do with our lives."


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