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Wasco High artist shines, wins

Nati Crane is a 15-year-old Wasco High School musician. She has been playing the guitar and singing since age 5 and recently won first place recognition at the California FFA's Got Talent event.

She beat out competitors from all over the state and performed before an audience of more than 5,000 inside the packed arena.

"Being on that stage was awesome. I wasn't nervous. I was more excited, and having a crowd that large cheering you on made me feel appreciated and accomplished," Nati said.

"I love performing because I've always had confidence in my singing ever since I was little. On stage, I burst through my shell."

She said the best part of performing is the butterflies she gets in her stomach before going on stage.

"I perform best under pressure, and that gives me a rush. My voice is always stronger than when I am rehearsing," she said.

Playing the guitar is her favorite instrument, but she also plays the piano, the ukulele and some bass.

"With guitar, there is a lot of variety, and you can play many genres versus the ukulele and piano, which are very limited."

She practices the guitar every day for multiple hours. She also plays her ukulele daily.

Writing music is a joy she excels at, and she writes all of her music.

"I like doing it all by myself because I play all the instruments except for drums when I record. It's all me, and I love seeing the end result of what I have created."

She also does covers of mostly 90s alternative and grunge songs that people know.

"I do this because I love the energy it gives me when the audience sings along. It's a cool feeling that every musician wants to experience," Nati said.

As a seasoned artist, she has started to give guitar lessons.

"I can teach any age as long as you are interested in learning. I can show you the basics and what I know."

Her father is her greatest supporter – he even built a recording studio in their home for her.

"It's nice to have the studio because it is convenient for me. I can record music whenever I want," she said. "He also does all of my mixing and mastering for my songs. He has learned the ins and outs of recording equipment, and he's the one that shows me because he learned it to show me."

She enjoys the creative process.

"If I'm wanting to write a song, I grab my guitar and mess around changing cords. Once I have that done, I start improvising the lyrics until I find something I like," she said.

She plans to continue to perform as long as she remains passionate about her art.

"I don't plan to stop anytime soon, and I hope to continue with my love of music for many years to come."



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