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Up and coming talent performs locally

Redemption – or Redencion – is a Wasco band formed in 2021. They play for all occasions, including weddings, baptisms, birthdays, anniversaries, quinceaneras, night clubs and grand openings. There are four members, all with a long musical trajectory.

The band is composed of Nicolas Mendez, who plays the drums; Gavino Martinez, who plays the accordion; Noe Martinez, who plays guitar; and Luis Cayetano, who plays bass and is the lead singer.

"Since 2015, we have played together with different bands. We decided to start our own band last year, and we have had a successful run since then," said Mendez.

"We pretty much do it all. We play locally within Kern County and throughout the state. We are lucky there is a big demand for our work."

Mendez enjoys the camaraderie they have and said they understand each other musically.

"It is hard to find other musicians that share the same goals and ideas. I have been playing professionally since I was 15, and it is difficult to find the right fit. The four of us click, and that is what makes our group strong and prosperous," Mendez said.

The band is versatile, playing all Mexican genres, including cumbias, rancheras, nortenas, corridos and romanticas.

All of the band members have a passion for music. Mendez got his first drum set at the age of eight. Music runs deep in the Mendez family as they are connected to several well-known musicians that have served as his inspiration.

He has opened up concerts at arenas for some of the biggest Latin music entertainers. He also regularly served as a stand-in for popular bands in the past.

Mendez is self-taught like the other members of the band.

"When I perform, it fulfills me and puts me in a different world," said Mendez. "Even when I have a bad day, when I get behind the drums, it changes everything and motivates me to give my best performance," said Mendez.

The band enjoys performing live.

"I love music and like to make our audiences happy. When I see them smiling and dancing to our songs, I feel all of our hard work and learning our instruments has paid off," said Cayetano.

Fame is not their main goal, but it is instead their love of music and connection with their fans.

"We strive to keep moving forward and growing our craft. We want to continue on the path that we are on because we know it will lead to bigger and better opportunities," Cayetano says.

"Hopefully, one day, we can be on the big stage performing for thousands of people."

The bandmates are family, as Noe and Gavino are brothers and Noe and Luis are cousins, while Nicolas is considered a brother.

"We have a special bond. That energy is what we bring to our shows."

They are proud to represent Wasco.

"We love to promote our roots. We hope to make the community proud just as we are proud of them," Cayetano says.

Redencion plays many local shows and invites those to come who will want to dance and have a good time.

"We guarantee you will not be disappointed," Mendez promises.

To book the band or attend one of their events, call 661-667-0139 or 661-446-2966. You can also follow them on Instagram at grupo_redencion_ or on Facebook at gpo redencion.


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