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North Kern students graduate

The North Kern School held their annual graduation ceremony recently, with the graduates receiving diplomas, certificates and other awards for their educational achievements.

There were eighth graders who were being promoted to their high schools and also a few students who graduated and completed their high school educations.

The school is a faith-based institution that provides one-on-one instruction, as well as giving the students a more than the three Rs.

North Kern was established in 1978, after a team from the Shafter and Wasco Mennonite churches looked into the feasibility of opening a Christian-based school to serve their communities. It offers a course of studies for children from kindergarten through eighth grades. The mission of the school is to worship and glorify God, rejoicing in the joy of the Lord and helping people find Christ.

The curriculum is similar to what is taught in public schools, with the students learning what is necessary for them to succeed as they move on to college. A major difference from North Kern and public schools is the goal of teaching the students about their faith and how to use that strength and faith in their everyday lives.

The teachers and staff congratulated the students on their accomplishments and celebrated the dedication and hard work that it took to get them to this point in their journeys.


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