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Students move on to high school

Families, friends and staff celebrated the students graduating from Palm Avenue Middle School and Thomas Jefferson Middle School. It was a festive event, and many people attended.

"We are very proud of each and every one of these students for their tenacity and true grit to see it through to the end. They not only made it, but they conquered it. The future is bright for them," said Palm Avenue Middle School Principal Dr. Zach Ellis.

Students worked hard to realize their goals of fulfilling all of the middle school requirements to move on to high school.

"The work was difficult at times. Even so, I always stayed hopeful and tried my best. I could not have done it without the support of my family," said student Jonathan Flores.

"Today is a celebration for all of my efforts to get here. I feel proud of everything I accomplished and look forward to a successful four years in high school."

"It's exciting to see how far I came. I went from all bad to all good. Now I talk about college, and I want a positive life," said student Malakai Jennings Rocha.

It was a joyous occasion for all.

"I feel blessed that all of his family is here to see him embark on a new chapter of his academic life," said parent Oscar Gonzalez.

"I am just so happy for her and can't wait to see her graduate from high school," said Rosario Delgado of her granddaughter.

"Today was amazing. I loved walking across the stage and having all of my family and friends cheering for me," said student Audrina Munoz.

Students overcame challenges.

"I've been through a lot, and my teachers prepared me for this moment. I gave it my all and always tried my hardest," said student Salutatorian Khriz Echeverria.

"It was a rough few years for him. I am so proud he reached this milestone despite the battle to get him here. The fact that he made it makes the whole family ecstatic," said parent Valerie Williams.

"Even though he had many obstacles because his mom and dad separated, he persevered and made a tremendous effort. We are overjoyed for his accomplishments," said family member Norma Rodriguez.

"I feel really great today because I thought I wasn't going to make it, but my parents pushed me. I went from straight F's to graduating," said student Winter Rocha.

Graduates are moving on to bigger things.

"I feel excited that I am entering high school. I put a lot of energy into my studies. I completed all of my assignments and made sure not to procrastinate," said student Ryleigh Gonzalez

"I got accepted into the Wonderful Program and will begin to take college-level classes. My goal is to attend UCLA and become a nurse."

Graduation marks a new beginning for these students.

"I am a little bit nervous about starting high school, but I know I am prepared for it. I expect to work just as hard to achieve my dreams," said Flores. "I want to go to college and find a career I love."

"The best part about high school is that I will see my friends from middle school and also make new ones," said Echeveria.

"I look forward to high school, and I will try my hardest to succeed. After graduating, I will go to a university and continue to pursue my education," said Rocha.

Leadership left the students on a positive note.

"I encourage you to think smarter and work harder. There are no shortcuts or magical solutions. Push your limits, and don't stop there. You are possible class of 2022. Your future is up to you," said Thomas Jefferson Middle School Principal Danny Arellano.


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