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Daddy Daughter Dance a night to remember

It was a magical night for girls and their dads at the annual Daddy Daughter Dance hosted by the Orange Heart Foundation. Many special memories were made, and it was a good time for all.

"I get emotional each time we have this event because you see how much these girls look up to the man who brought them," said organizer Traci Clendenen. "It is our intention for the men to realize what a crucial role they play in their lives."

DJ Los Gorditos kept the energy going all evening, playing popular songs in both English and Spanish. The dance floor was alive.

"Emily wanted to dance all night with her friends and me," said Guadalupe Vidales.

It was a chance to bond with the young girls and their father figures.

"I am here mostly because of her. It was her first time at the dance, and I was excited to see her happy, knowing that this was her night," said Jose Salas of his 9-year-old daughter, Cataleya.

Daddys and daughters worked hard to look stylish for the party.

"Liana and I put a lot of effort into coordinating our outfits. She wanted everything to be perfect," said Aldo Ramirez.

Francisco Armenta bought his 9-year-old daughter, Mia, a corsage to compliment her dress.

"I wanted her to feel beautiful," said Armenta.

"I am here to show my date an amazing time. We tried to match, and we planned it that way because we wanted to look our best," said Luis Martinez of 8-year-old Melonie.

The night was meant to make the girls feel like royalty.

"Today, my daughter is a princess. I have two daughters, and I am trying to give them the example that they should be treated like a queen," said Tony Ayala of his daughters, 6-year-old Eliana and 9-year-old Emmily.

"My daughter, Joy, is wearing a crown and a gown tonight because she is my princess," said Pedro Astorga.

Many girls had never attended the dance before.

"It was even more awesome than I expected. I had a lot of fun dancing with my father. I enjoyed being with him, and it will be a night I will remember forever," said 10-year-old Alejandra Bravo.

It was a night of celebration.

"I felt proud to see my daughter enjoying herself. She is growing up to be a respectful young lady, which makes me feel good and is something to celebrate," said Gerardo Perez of Melonie, 12.

The event gave girls a chance to bond with their dads.

"I work a lot, and I will do anything to spend quality time with her outside the home," said Jose Garcia of his 7-year-old, Ximena. "I have five daughters, and I have been to the dance with every one of them because I know how much it means to them and even more so for me."

It was special for the girls.

"I liked that I could spend time with my godfather because he works so hard. What I loved most was dancing with him and him showing me how much he loves me. I think of him as my dad," said Amy Torres, 9.

The event was well attended.

"I didn't anticipate this many people. It was a full house and a great turnout," said organizer Orquidea Ocampo.

"It is the biggest one yet," said OHF supporter Sharon Sharp.

The Wasco Rose Queen, Ixchel Sanchez, was on hand to greet the girls, and she was welcomed with loud cheers from the crowd.

"There were so many little girls, and I was excited to meet them. The best part was walking in and seeing them ecstatic to see me, and the girls loved my dress," said Sanchez.

The event was a success.

"It was a success, and we can't wait to do it again next year," said Clendenen.


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