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Get rid of your trash, pickup available May 14

The City of Wasco's Code Compliance, American Refuse, local groups and businesses are partnering to keep Wasco beautiful and free of unwanted trash.

On Saturday, May 14, from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. at Barker Park, there will be a Community Clean-Up event for Wasco residents to drop off bulky waste items at no cost.

This event will combine drop-off, pickup and volunteerism.

For drop-offs, you can bring in your old furniture, home appliances, TVs, mattresses, e-waste and water heaters. There will be large bins for this collection provided by American Refuse.

The pickup component is for people that do not have a way to transport their bulky waste. Schedule an appointment, and a truck and trailer will be sent to your home to retrieve trash items from your driveway or alley.

"In this way, it is convenient and accessible for people, so we don't see an uptick in illegal dumping," said Wasco Code Enforcement Officer Sergio Gonzalez, Jr.

It is also an opportunity for residents to volunteer and contribute to their community.

"We rely heavily on the support of volunteers to make our event a success," said Gonzalez. "Nonprofits, middle and high schools, and other local groups participate in our clean-up efforts."

Volunteers will be going through alleys and parks to pick up litter.

All ages are welcome to participate. Minors must have a permission slip signed and be accompanied by an adult.

"This event will benefit the city and is a great fun way to come together with neighbors and friends and make a difference," said Wasco Community Development Director Keri Cobb.

"No one wants to see trash in their streets. We all live here, so why not have pride, help keep Wasco clean, tidy, safe, and sanitary and present a better image to our visitors."

"Our goal with this is to contribute to a better quality of life for our residents," said Gonzalez. "As with most cities, illegal dumping is a problem."

"People tend to get lazy and don't want to take their garbage to the dump," said Gonzalez. "We see this all over town, especially with alleys where people leave their trash and take off."

Laws are written if there is trash with an address associated with it; you are held liable and can be cited.

"Property owners are responsible for keeping their areas behind and in front of their homes free of debris," said Cobb.

The clean-up day used to be a biannual event, but because of the pandemic, one has not been hosted since 2019, when almost 8 tons of discarded items were collected.

"In the past, we would do a spring and fall event. We are excited and happy to resume this year once again," said Gonzalez.

The community is also invited to organize their own neighborhood clean-ups, and supplies like gloves, trash bags, vests and handheld trash grabbers will be provided.

To schedule a curbside pickup, call Code Compliance at 661-758-7216 or 661-758-7213. This service is open only to the first 30 residents who register by May 12 at 5 p.m. For information on volunteering or launching your own event, contact Code Compliance.


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