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Clemens names Super Students

Karl F. Clemens Elementary School announced its weekly Super Students. Criteria for selection were based upon significant improvement in math, showing kindness to all friends, respect, and hard work, following class procedures, helping other students understand new concepts, and improving learning English.

The students from last week were:

Front row, from left, Victoria Villegas (3rd), Sophia Lopez (2nd), and Elizabeth Martinez (1st)

Middle row, from left, Jonathan Zamora (5th) and Alexandra Moreno (4th)

Not shown: Alivia Nava (K)

Back row, from left, Vice Principal Mrs. Jan Hummel and Principal Sam Torres.

From this week were:

Front row, from left, Vivian Salas (TK), Jorge Rosales (1st) and Genesis Negrete (2nd)

Back row, from left, Principal Sam Torres, Sebastian Rios (3rd), Pedro Altamirano (4th), Leonel Vargas (5th), Vice Principal Mrs. Jan Hummel.


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