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Richland schools celebrating kindness, creativity

The Richland School District celebrated Kindness Week, with students and staff displaying their ability to show kindness to one another, as well as showing that they care for each other.

At Redwood Elementary School, Kindness Week began by passing out Kindness Matters cards and a Kick Off Lunch with food and music. Staff and students danced in the playground area and also took a pledge to be kind to one another. They had Dress Up Days to promote kindness. The Kindness Squad spent lunch recesses with TK and Kindergarten students and completed kindness activities with the students.

They had a Kindness Rocks Challenge, with students voting on their favorite rocks with the best message of positivity on them. All week, the student mentioned how much they enjoyed Kindness Week and the positivity that was promoted at the school.

Sequoia Elementary School also had their Kindness Week, celebrating with special activities and Dress Up Days. They gave a special thank you to their Student Council Officers for all of their hard work with organizing students' contributions to the Kindness Bulletin Board display and their video messages.

The staff said it is important that their students learn the meaning of true kindness and what that looks like in their treatment of others. While Kindness Week was held nationally on Feb. 14-18, the message of kindness, compassion, empathy, and understanding of others are skills and messages that will be shared all year long.

In addition to being kind, Richland also had a group of second graders take creativity to a whole new level as Mrs. Arellano's second grade Dual Language students were learning about inventors.

The class took a turn at inventing as they created their own robots. After deciding what the different robots' jobs would be, the students used a variety of materials to creatively construct a number of robots. They also made essays of what their respective robots did, such as the one made named Kassandra, who was made to help people with cancer. The essay said, "My robot Kassandra knows that people hate cancer, and need help when they are feeling sad. My robot makes them feel happy."

Students from other classes were asked to choose their favorite robot. Winners went home with prizes thanks to the Janet Stockton Memorial Grant awarded by the Shafter Kiwanis Club.


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