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Letter to the Editor: Library reopening

I attended the grand re-opening of our little jewel of a library on Jan. 18 and I am so proud of this town, and of the people who made this happen. I won’t try to name all those folks who are responsible, certain they’ll be found in other coverage of the event.

The city of Shafter, in partnership with Bakersfield College, now supports this municipal institution, the Shafter Library and Learning Center, first of its kind in Kern County. It took vision and leadership, and the determination of concerned people here and in Bakersfield to achieve such a great cooperative result.

All recognize the importance of education and community cohesiveness to the sustenance and future success of small towns, and their belief in those qualities is proven by this achievement.

Come visit the remodeled library at 236 James Street! See the many new books, the children’s reading room addition, the vibrant original artwork on the walls, and the fresh furnishings.

Learn about the study programs and other benefits offered by the city’s Learning Center that shares space with the library. There is something of interest here for everyone. Here is a great opportunity for Shafter to provide the resources needed to continue educating and uplifting its citizens, young and old, to help our town thrive. It will be the continuation of a fulfilling partnership between City, College and Citizens.

Dolly Hei



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