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Richland students rewarded for attendance, growth in learning

Richland School District students recently celebrated their reading success, being on the Honor Roll and perfect attendance.

At Golden Oak, third-grade students were treated to a Lexile Party. Lexile is a way of measuring reading growth. Students who showed progress were treated to a party that included board games.

Reading and following directions, using critical thinking skills, and cooperating with their peers are just a few of the skills required.

At Richland Junior High, those Trojans who were recognized for their place on the Honor Roll or Perfect Attendance were invited to attend the Valley Children's Ice Center of Bakersfield. They had 288 students that were able to enjoy an afternoon of fun and ice.

At Sequoia Elementary, the Bears administrative team spotlighted two students that have had 100% attendance for the month of January. Each month, Sequoia Elementary School randomly selects two students from a list of students that have attended each and every day to have the lunch of their choice with the principal.

At Redwood, administration surprised students with snacks and treats for those classes that had 100% attendance. Students who were surprised were happy to be acknowledged for being there ready to learn.


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