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City Council to offer Zoom meetings again

City Council meetings will again be held by Zoom.

The City Council unanimously passed the following action regarding meeting protocol to hold all council meetings, until further notice, by teleconference (Zoom) pursuant to Assembly Bill 361 and a Government Code Section because there is a proclaimed state of emergency in the state and city and local officials recommended measures to promote social distancing as required.

"This will be reviewed and renewed on a monthly basis," City Manager Scott Hurlbert said.

Hurlbert also told council members the Veterans' Banner Program will resume. The deadline for applicants will be May 2022.

In other business, the city has approved an application for Capita Grant Funds for the renovation of 7th Street Park, which will contain a veteran's memorial. A public hearing will be held for the community to provide input for this proposed park renovation.

Also, leading everyone in the Pledge of Allegiance was Sadie (SJ) Skinner, daughter of Jacob and Kassandra Skinner.


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