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Defense, pass game keeps Wasco undefeated

Once again, it was another heroic defensive effort that helped the Tigers secure another South Sequoia League victory on Homecoming Friday night 41-8.over the Cesar Chavez Titans (1-5,1-2 in the SSL).

The win keeps the Tigers (7-0, 3-0) undefeated overall and tied for first place with the Shafter Generals in the league.

"It was business as usual. That was our motive tonight," said Wasco Coach Chad Martinez. "The defense did a great job."

In unique fashion, Wasco, which is known for running the ball well over 90% of the time, took to the passing game.

"We had to make adjustments. We had to compete with what Chavez was throwing at us," Ferguson said.

The Tigers had been averaging 6.5 passes per game. Though, on this night, the ball was thrown 17 times.

"We can go run or pass and be successful both ways," Juarez said.On this night, the orange-clad Tigers defense stopped the run, intercepted three passes, recovered multiple fumbles and forced several Titan punts.

Iaziah Juarez, who scored on a touchdown reception and secured an interception early in the first half, said the Wasco picks came based off reading the opposing offense.

"On my interception, I read the slants and followed the opposing quarterback's eyes, and I got the pick," he said.

For 90% of the game, the Tigers would not allow any surge of momentum or allow Chavez to earn any yards. Unsteady they were only able to advance the ball when Wasco was tagged for a penalty.

All in all, Chavez didn't begin getting any yardage until late in the fourth quarter.

"We're a lock-down defensive team," said senior linebacker Armando Medina.

Medina had two of the six sacks for the Tigers.

"The screaming fans, parents make our defense play hard. We want to put on a defensive show for the crowd."

The Titans were able to muster up a drive on their last possession that led to their sole touchdown.

Friday also marked a season and career high of 238 passing yards for Wasco senior quarterback Jacob Ruiz.

"I couldn't believe I set a career high on Homecoming night," he said afterward.

Ruiz threw three touchdown passes and scored a touchdown on a 3-yard quarterback sweep.

"With this team, anything is possible," Ruiz said. "The way the O-line (offensive line) blocks, it gives me time, and with these receivers, anything is possible."

For the game, Micheal Dominguez, who started in place for the injured Omar Tovar for the second consecutive game, ran for 63 yards.

Alexis Girarte rushed for 45 yards.

Sean Sharpe scored a touchdown on a pass from Ruiz and rushed for a handful of yards.

Azia Ferguson scored two TD receptions and intercepted a pass. Izaiah Juarez scored on a touchdown reception along with an interception. Eli Vasquez scored on a 26-yard toss early in the first quarter.

Thursday evening at 7:30, the Tigers will travel to Arvin to compete in another SSL match-up versus the Bears.


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