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Richland talks about heroes, learn new math techniques

The Richland School District has been working to enrich their students' lives and educational experiences by teaching them new techniques, as well as keeping the tried and true ways that students learn.

Recently, in Mrs. Buenostro's classroom at Redwood Elementary, the students were part of a technique that differentiates the instruction, according to the students' needs. She tailored the lesson so that the class would be able to learn the math, giving them the chance to understand the concepts in the classroom.

The fourth-grade class worked on subtracting multi-digit numbers with regrouping. Buenostro worked with a small group of students on the carpet and used manipulatives to build conceptual understanding. Some students were working in pairs using a place value chart as a tool while other students who didn't need manipulatives or tools were working in groups solving the math problems.

At Sequoia Elementary School, a third-grade class was participating in their English Language Development lesson on heroes in their community. Students were discussing how everyday individuals can be heroes.

Students used the Inquiry Tool. During the lesson, students were sharing ideas to engage in academic conversations.

Sentence frames were what was used to support students with a focus on their English Language Learners.


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