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Students excited about returning to school

There was excitement in the air on Monday,

August 2, when students returned to

school for regular classroom instruction after

a year and half of isolation and working

on classwork from home.

The Wasco Union Elementary School

District (WUESD) opened its doors to students

for the first time since March 2020,

except for special education students and

at-risk students, who were able to attend

classes at certain times during the pandemic.

Every student had the required mask on

and offices were crowded with enrolling

students and parents.

Thomas Jefferson and Palm Avenue

have set up their main office so students

from outside walk through the office and

leave through a door onto the campus. This

was designed for student safety.

Due to the hot weather, most students

were casually dressed and ready to begin

this new journey.

The first day of school is always difficult

to maneuver around as teachers are rounding

up their students, staff is completing

last-minute tasks and principals finish up

last-minute projects.

There were also unregistered students and their parent(s) waiting in the school

lobby at Thomas Jefferson and Palm

Avenue to complete the registration

packet. The school offices were crowded

with staff members, registered students,

parents and unregistered potential


Guadalupe and Maria Carpio

walked the younger brother for his first

day of middle school. “He was really

excited about starting school,” Maria


All staff members wore masks

as did every student. Students must

wear masks inside the classrooms,

but outside they don’t need to keep

them on.

Numbers for the first day were not

readily available as new students continued to fill the office.


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