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Pastor's Corner: Spread the message that saves the world

Is it safe to say that for the past year and a half we have been on an emotional rollercoaster? A year and a half ago we had never heard the word covid before. Since then it has changed lives around the world. Just like everything else in our lives it seems that there are at least two sides to this problem.

We as a society can’t seem to come to a consensus on the correct plan of action. Do we wear masks or not wear masks? Do we open restaurants or leave them closed? Do we allow kids back to school or not? And the arguments continue. Most of us have our own views on each of these matters. What we fail to realize, it’s OK to have a different opinion than your friends or neighbors. I believe the same goes for the church.

Not every church has exactly the same belief or tradition. That’s OK. I believe we as the Church, not the local body, but the body of Christ need to join together to see our broken world come to the saving knowledge of Jesus. We may only agree on 95% of our doctrine or tradition. Shouldn’t we be able to join together in the 95% we agree on instead of bickering about the 5% we don’t? I believe we have the message that saves the world. So why don’t we join together and deliver that message to the world.

The best is yet to come.


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