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State reopens, some restrictions remain

The state officially opened up June 15, but there are still some restrictions especially if you are unvaccinated.

Gov. Gavin Newsom retired the Covid-19 Blueprint on Tuesday.

“Everyday life should feel a lot like it did before with most places being open and returning to usual operation with no capacity limitations or social distancing requirements,” Michelle Corson public information officer for the Kern County Health Department said. “The only exception to this is for ‘mega events,’ defined as an indoor event with more than 5,000 people, which requires verified fully vaccinated status or pre-entry negative covid-19 test and required masking for those who are unvaccinated.”

Corson added that these requirements will be in place at least until Oct. 1 while the state continues to monitor vaccination and infection rates.

She said fully vaccinated people will be allowed to do almost everything they did pre-pandemic without wearing a mask including grocery shopping, drinking at a bar and going to the gym.

“If you’re not vaccinated, the state’s masking guidance still requires you to wear a mask in ‘indoor public settings,’” Corson added. “That includes grocery stores, shops, restaurants, movie theaters and other indoor businesses.”

She also noted that masks are still required in the following places:

• Any form of public transportation regardless of vaccination status,

• Hospitals and long-term care facilities, regardless of vaccination status,

• Indoors at K-12 schools and childcare facilities. People, including teachers and students, who are vaccinated are still going to need to wear masks when they are indoors; however, they don't have to wear masks while outdoors, like on a playground,

• Prisons and homeless shelters, regardless of vaccination status, and

• Indoor workplaces, regardless of vaccination status.

Unvaccinated Californians will still have to wear masks at all indoor public settings, like stores, restaurants, salons, etc.

There will private businesses that will still require masks upon entrance.

On Tuesday, June 15, the number of infected in Wasco was 5,451 compared to 5,425 the week of June 3. The number of recovered for June 15 was 2,537 compared to June 3 recovered of 2,394 and the number of presumed recovered for June 15 was 2,813 compared to 2,921 on June 3.

The number for Shafter infected for June 15 was 3,600 compared to 3,586 for June 3. The number of recovered for June 15 in Shafter was 1,405 compared to 1,394 the week of June 3 and the number of presumed recovered for June 15 in Shafter was 2,104 compared to 2,087 on June 3.


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