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Wasco Union Elementary District looks 'good financially'

Superintendent of the Wasco Union Elementary School District Kelly Richers said that the district looks good financially for the next two years; however, "It's 2022-23 that the district may run into problems."

At the Tuesday, June 8 board meeting, Richers reported that the governor has not presented his budget yet, so the district is unsure of how much it will receive.

Financial Officer Karen Evans presented a report on the proposed 2021-22 budget.

"The next two years the district will be financially fine; however, it's the third year we have to worry about (2023)," he said. "The district has a lot of program funding for the next two years, but the third year down the line will be a worry."

In other business, Richers honored retirees from both certificated staff such as Debbie Escobar, Shannon Harris, Rachel Martin and Cheryl Stephens and for classified staff retirees Mary Lou Gonzales, Robert Perez, Jr., Francisca Sandoval and Dennis Stowe.


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