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Shafter Congregational hosts pop-up shopping Jamie Stewart

Over 30 vendors turned out this past weekend at the Shafter Congregational Church's pop-up event.

Pastor Mark Scialabba and church volunteers were on hand with a variety of pamphlets and information on salvation. Scialabba also said that they had a lot of vendors who were offering a variety of items, from clothing, jewelry, to baked goods.

"These pop-up events are really popular right now and we are helping the community by giving them a chance to shop in one spot," Scialabba said.

The church parking lot was full of vendors who were selling their products.

"These events have been a Godsend, letting a lot of vendors display their products, giving them a chance to serve the community and be productive in their different businesses," said Mary Martinez, who has been selling her beauty products at different pop-up events the entire year. "I didn't know what I was going to do when my hours were cut at work, but I was looking online and saw an opportunity to supplement my income with these products."

There was also a booth helping local women stay safe and able to protect themselves. Karen Odle was at the event as a representative of Damsel in Distress, a company that makes self-defense products for women.

"Women need to take steps in protecting themselves, also giving them self confidence," Odle said.

The products ranged from small key chains that have serrated edges that can be used as a stabbing tool, to tasers that can incapacitate an attacker with one burst. There was also an electronic door alarm that can be used on any door, letting the homeowner know when a door has been opened.

"You put the alarm under the edge of the door," Odle said. "This is also good for people with small children as it would notify you if a child has opened a door that they were not supposed to go out. The alarm will sound and stay on until it is turned off."

Odle also said that they have an app that is good for an entire family or group of friends. You download the app and can let those in your group know if you are okay. If there is a safety incident, you can sound the alert and it will go to everyone in your circle, letting everyone in the group that something has happened.

Another vendor was attending her first pop-up event. Kobie Carrasco regularly gives cookies, cupcakes, and other baked goods to family and friends.

"People were always wanting the baked goods that I make, and I really enjoy baking, so this is a perfect fit," said Carrasco.

She had a variety of cupcakes available for sale, including lavender, pink champagne, lemon,


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