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Cougars of the Month named for April

While under restrictions due to covid-19, Thomas Jefferson Middle School staff is continuing with the Cougar of the Month Award. The Cougar of the Month Award is designed to spotlight students who best "Respect the P.A.W." (Perseverance, Attitude and Wise Choices).

Through distance learning, the following students have stood out in the month of April to their teachers for working hard, joining class sessions on time, and being active participants.

7th Grade

Distance learning has brought out all the best in Andrew Ayala. He's being described as having a "positive, funny personality" by his teachers. His great attitude has allowed him to excel and not shy away from asking for help when it is needed. He has kept his grades up maintaining a 3.67 GPA and making the honor roll. His helpful nature and work ethic has earned him the recognition as Cougar of the Month.

Simon Granados states the distance learning experience has taught him to be more independent while accounting for his actions. He's been able to maintain perfect attendance and a 4.0 GPA by eliminating distractions, eating breakfast to stay focused, and pushing himself through every challenge. Simon's perseverance has spoken loudly to his character, earning him the recognition of Cougar of the Month.

While distance learning has been difficult, Jorge Vazquez' teacher states he always works hard and takes initiative to stay active in class discussions. Jorge has maintained a 3.83 GPA, earning honors while also attending school with great attendance. He takes pride in his school achievements and deserves the recognition as Cougar of the Month.

8th Grade

Daisy Carranza has maintained good attendance during the school year and while she's struggled with some classes she's pushed through to earn A's and B's in all her classes. Her teacher acknowledges how hard she works to overcome challenges and states her sweet attitude helps her stay positive. She's always willing to help classmates to do better as well and these characteristics all speak to why she is deserving of the recognition as Cougar of the Month.

Kamila Martinez has worked hard through the year of distance learning and has been recognized for both perfect attendance and honor roll. Kamila's teacher is proud to have her as a student and admires her school pride as well as her display of thoughts/opinions in the classroom. She's an active participant who enjoys learning and working towards being the best she can be. Kamila's attitude has earned her the right to be recognized as Cougar of the Month.

Marlyn Gaitan feels virtual learning has not been so challenging and her grades show as she has maintained a 3.8 GPA. While math has been her most difficult subject she takes the time to ask for help in order to do her best. Listening to the teacher and paying attention is what helps her the most as well. For the 3rd quarter she has earned both perfect attendance and honor roll. Marlyn's hard-work has earned her the recognition as Cougar of the Month.


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