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Pet of the Week: Fall in love with Amala

Amala came in as a stray and is approximately a 2-year-old female pit bull terrier. Amala has a short gray/blue/silver and white coat and is a medium size. She is great with staff and it is unknown if she is house/crate trained. Dogs are not tested with cats and children.

She will be available for adoption/rescue on May 4. Additional information is not available on her; however her Petfinder bio is up to date. If this is your dog, contact the shelter right away.

Everyone is welcome to adopt from our facility. Adopters can be from out of town and/or local. Call on her day of availability on May 4 to set up an appointment to visit her. First call, first serve. Appointments cannot be made by email.

All dogs will be neutered/spayed once adopted. Depending on the availability of our local vet, it is not a guarantee that the animal will be spayed/neutered the same day.

The Wasco Animal Shelter is currently accepting animal surrenders.

Rescue is a nonprofit organization with a tax exempt 501(c)(3). If you never pulled from the Wasco Animal Shelter, email us two references and a copy of your 501(c)(3) form.

If you have any questions, give the shelter a call at 661-758-7240.


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