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Chase is ready for a new family

Chase, a red and white Siberian husky, is still a puppy at 8 months old with big blue eyes. He may get bigger than he is since he is not full grown.

Chase came to the Shafter Animal Shelter as a stray and has adjusted well. He has passed his SAFER dog evaluations and would be a great candidate for some training classes where he can learn basic commands and tricks.

We would not recommend him around cats. The Siberian Husky is an intelligent dog that can get bored easily if not challenged or exercised regularly. They love to be part of the family or pack and needs a strong leader. Chase would make a wonderful companion for an active family. He loves to play around and go out on walks. Chase is also a vocal boy who can entertain you with all of his shenanigans. The shelter recommends a tall and sturdy fence so Chase doesn't get out.

If Chase sounds like the dog for you, visit the Shafter Animal Shelter. Contact the shelter at 661-746-2140 for more information.


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