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Wasco animal shelter has 4 adoptable dogs, now taking strays

Animal Control Officers Fidel Lara, Jr., Marco Silva and Eulalia Barraza treat their shelter animals as if they were their own pets.

"We only have four dogs at the shelter right now," Lara said. "Last week our last cat was sent to a rescue."

Only one person at a time has been allowed at the shelter since March 2020 and that rule is still in effect today.

"Badge has been at the shelter the longest and he's only been here since April 6," Lara said.

Both confirmed that the shelter does not put cats and dogs in a kennel together. This is because it is often unknown how the animals might react.

Silva added that the shelter is now taking in strays.

"In 2021, we have euthanized 17 animals; however, most of those were due to being hit by a vehicle." Silva said.

Both officers said that animals could remain at the shelter indefinitely depending on space and temperament. The shelter attempts not to euthanize animals if it can be prevented.


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