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WIHS recognizes third-quarter students

Wasco Independent High School Principal Rusvel Prado recognized several students for their achievements during the third quarter of the school year:

Gabriel Cardenas

"Gabriel [Cardenas] is a respectful and kind individual," said Mr. Barraza. "He has demonstrated to be a responsible student through his attendance and participation in completing activities. I know that Gabriel will graduate and continue to evolve into a leader and become an influential contributor to the community."

Mathew Ibarra

"Mathew [Ibarra] is a very responsible and hardworking student," Mrs. Okolonwamu said. "He has put tremendous effort into every single assignment. He pays attention to detail and makes sure he addresses every assignment as accurately as possible. He is determined to succeed."

Javier Nevarez

"Javier [Nevarez] is a new student, not physically, but he has matured into this new student with a new drive and ambition to get the job done," Mrs. Adams said. "I am very proud of the student that Javier has pushed himself to become. He has the grit and determination to tackle any obstacle life will put in his way."

Jamilett Estrada

"This is a hard year to choose an MVP," Mr. Castro said. "I have had the pleasure of teaching many exceptional students this year. Overall I have to award this MVP Award to Jamilett [Estrada]. Jamilett came into my class and just started flying. She was given the assignments and she has excelled in her work ethic and ability. I have been very impressed with her work habits and know that she will achieve anything she sets her mind to."

Jason Dunlap

"Jason [Dunlap] is a pleasant student to be around," Mr. Rowland said. "He always participates in class discussions and activities. Jason is a leader and he gets things done. MVP really does describe him and I am so proud of him."


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