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Kern County headed for orange tier

Kern County will remain in the red tier for another week although it’s possible the county will move to the orange tier soon, the state announced.

From Tuesday, March 23 to Tuesday, March 30, the number of infected dropped down to 5,317 from 5,337 people. This is a decrease of 20 persons who became infected in a week’s time.

The number of recovered in Wasco from Tuesday, March 23 to Tuesday, March 30 increased from 2,162 to 2,670.

The number of presumed recovered went from 2,638 on March 23 to 2,670 on March 30.

The number of infections in Shafter has also improved steadily. The number of infected on March 23 was 3,482 to 3,494 infected on March 31.

The number of recovered in Shafter on March 23 was 1,356 while the recovered increased to 1,369 on March 30. In addition, the number of presumed recovered March 23 in Shafter was 2,561 compared to March 30 with a presumed recovered of 3,009.


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