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Vendors gather for pop-up shop event

Over the weekend on Atlantic Avenue, a dozen vendors gathered to sell their wares from their home-based businesses.

The items included jewelry, soaps, sweets, baked goods, and beauty accessories.

One of those vendors was Paola Castro, who began making custom door mats during the pandemic to sell to bring in some extra cash.

Castro purchases the mats at a major retailer and paints them with different logos, sayings and pictures. She produces a variety of them to bring to events, but she also can custom create the mats with whatever the customer wants the mat to say.

"I paint the mats with an outdoor paint," Castro said. "I knew that I had to do something with the quarantine going on."

Another vendor was Adrianna Pompa, owner of Pompa's Small Shop. She sells a variety of scrubs and soaps that are ecofriendly and easy on the skin.


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