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Wasco High celebrates Reopening Day

Wasco High staff welcome some students back with their signature black and orange spirit.

The high school opened this week for some of its students that need additional support with their distance learning.

The school celebrated Reopening Day at Wasco High along with launching the beginning of sports conditioning.

"Reopening day was for the 20% of students that opt in for in-person instruction to supplement their distance learning." Superintendent Rob Cobb said. "Sometimes it's just hard for some students to be motivated in class. They check in from home, while still in PJs, it's very easy to fall in the cracks. We're on a homeroom schedule; 8:30 a.m. - 11:15 a.m. Tuesday through Friday, to offer that extra support to ensure our students are getting the help they may need."

Conditioning for fall sports is also underway although it's going to look a little different. The athletes will be monitored before they are allowed into the gate to train, they will be assigned to cohorts, no mingling will be allowed outside their assigned cohort to minimize the possibility of spread, and students will be donning masks and the 6- foot rule will be enforced.


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