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First full-service car wash to come to Shafter

New businesses are popping up in Shafter as the pandemic lingers in the nation.

The newest addition is going to be the Countryside Car Wash, which will be located at 406 Central Ave. The city sold the property to Rick Jara, whose family owns and operates Taco Bell in town.

The property used to house Brookside Deli and the Shafter Press office. Jara will be building the first drive-thru car wash in Shafter. It will add approximately 30 jobs and will also offer a deli-market as well.

This will be the family’s second car wash, with the operation of similar business in Taft.

According to Bob Meadows, business development director, there is even more to come.

“There are a couple of nationally-known companies discussing coming to the Shafter area at the Wonderful Logistics Park. They are in preliminary talks, with the intentions of calling Shafter home in the near future,” he said.

Meadows said that the car wash will be the first of its kind in the city, with the more complete car wash experience compared to self-service car washes.

“Their family is very supportive of the city of Shafter and are looking forward to adding this business to community,” said Meadows.

There are several factors that attract prospective companies to the city, such as the fiber optic network that Shafter offers new businesses, Meadows said.

“It is important for these companies, especially the distribution centers and also medical buildings, that they have a fast and reliable network, which Shafter offers,” he said. “We are the only city in the county that offers a complete high-speed fiber optic network.”

Meadows also said that the new BEAR incentive program has been attracting interest in existing businesses and new businesses. This program gives the owners of businesses in the core downtown area up to 75% discounts to their permit and building fees.

“We have had interest on how the program works and we think that this will be a valuable asset to the community as these businesses start building and doing improvements to the core downtown city,” he said.

Meadows also said that there are a couple of other businesses that are nationally known that are in negotiations with the city, but it is still premature to mention any names or details.

“But I can tell you that the city of Shafter, even in this uncertain time, is attracting folks to the city and letting Shafter become their next home,” he said.


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