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Ag company prepares land for planting

Frank Sanchez is a busy man, running a business along with being a pastor at New Generation Church. His business, Frank Sanchez Ag LLC, has been grinding trees and prepping orchards for 17 years.

"We do vine and orchard removal and grinding trees," said owner Frank Sanchez. "We prepare land for new plantations, ripping the land three to six feet deep. We do removal of grapevine orchards and tree removals."

Thirty-one employees work for the company and that includes Sanchez's children and other family members.

"I am most proud of my family," Sanchez said. "They are my biggest pride and joy."

Sanchez has been a lifelong resident of Wasco and he and his wife, Marilu, share ownership of the company.

Sanchez stated that his father influenced him to work hard at anything he wanted, and his wife helped encourage him to start his own business.

The Sanchez family is a spiritual family.

"We love God and put him first in everything that we do," Sanchez said.

Sanchez is the pastor of New Generation Church on Central, which they founded in 2011.

"We are very honored to serve as pastors helping the community together with our church members," Sanchez said. "We are a non-denominational, bilingual (English and Spanish) church that all of our church positions are voluntary, including ours as pastors, (which means that no one gets paid - including us).

New Generation Church recently held a free Thanksgiving meal for all community members during November, and they ran out of food after serving over 100 meals.

The company is located at 640 East St., and can be reached at 661-240-5908.


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