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300 new covid cases reported in Wasco

In Gov. Gavin Newsom’s last covid-19 briefing held in December, he stated that he envisioned school reopening by February.

School districts are differing in their opinions.

Superintendent of the Wasco Union Elementary School District Kelly Richers has advised parents and staff that school will remain closed for the third quarter and nothing will be decided about reopening until closer to the fourth quarter. The high school remains the same as the elementary school district.

The amount of covid-19 cases continue to rise and the population is now faced with a mutation of the original virus, which means a person who has had the virus could possibly get it again, with different symptoms.

The number of cases in Wasco has risen from 4,143 the week of Jan. 12 to 4,443 Jan. 19. With 1,189 recovered compared to 1,027 Jan. 12, the number of recoveries is not increasing at the rate the infected numbers are raising. On Jan. 12, there were 605 presumed recovered while that number has risen on Jan. 19 to 822.

Wasco now has 16% of its population infected with the virus. The number of newly infected Wasco residents went up by 300 people while the number of recovered was 162 for the week, which is almost double the number of infected to recovered.

Newsom introduced a new California Safe School for All Plan to lessen the growing discontent and frustration everyone is feeling. School has been out for almost an entire year.

This also means that school graduations will most likely be held digitally with masked and safely distanced seating, which allows for no guests other than immediate family.


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