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Richland schools continue learning from a distance

Richland schools have been utilizing distance learning since the beginning of the pandemic and it has not been easy.

Several instances of trouble with connectivity has hindered the process, according to some parents.

“I have had a lot of trouble with the internet, either logging in or sometimes with getting a good connection,” said Maria Ocana, who has two grade-school-aged children attending Richland schools. “Otherwise, the teachers are doing a great job and my kids love the classes.”

Each school site has its own staff that can help parents with a myriad of problems, from needing extra help in the classroom, to counseling for them or their children.

Richland staff and administration are also putting a plan in place that includes returning to in-person learning. With the safety of the students and staff in the forefront of their minds, they have created and maintained a safety and sanitization plan that keeps the students and staff as healthy as possible. Included in this plan is a health room for each site, for students that exhibit signs or symptoms indicative of covid-19.

Students will also be returning in a variety of schedules, which lessens the number of students at the school at the same time.

There will be hand sanitizing stations throughout the school site as well as temperature checks when entering the school site.

Classrooms will hold up to 16 desks, with a six-foot radius. There will be a wall-mounted hand sanitizer at each door. Students and staff will be required to wear face masks. There will also be HVAC filtration improvements at each site, with upgrades to systems and ionization additions where possible.

With the county still maintaining its purple status, it is unclear when this new phase will begin.


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