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Pastor's Corner: Opportunity

2020 was both our worst and best year ever for Truth Church! Let’s not focus on the worst. Let’s review the best.

This year, we purchased and moved into our very own building. Shutting down provided us many unique opportunities to reach outside of our walls such as learning how to live stream and have outside services and be a beacon of light to those in darkness and distress.

In addition, we were able to partner with the CAPK Youth Center, the food bank, and the blood bank to help our community. Here is the key word: Opportunity!

While many may ask, “How much worse will it get in 2021?” This year has formulated our question to be, “What is our opportunity for us to make a difference in 2021?” Let us not go into this next year expecting the worst. Rather, let us approach the New Year with a desire to make a positive difference in our families, churches, work, school, community, and all of the world around us.

As a man by the name of Mordecai (in the Bible) asked Queen Esther, “Who knows whether you were made for such a time as this?” (Esther 4:14 paraphrased).

Frank Cabrera is pastor of the Truth Church in Shafter


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