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Winners of Christmas tree contest announced

The Shafter Depot Museum holds a Christmas tree decorating contest every year, with businesses, organizations and people decorating their tree with a different theme in mind each year.

This year the theme was the Colors of Christmas. Each entrant displayed their idea of the different colors of Christmas, with trees ranging from gold and blues, to trees that included every color of the rainbow.

The Shafter Press took the colors of Christmas theme to heart and had a tree that had all of the colors of the rainbow in their display, with the title of their tree "Colors of the Kern County Essential Farm Workers." It included different colors and products that Kern County is known for.

The Shafter Lions Cub had a tree covered in blue tinsel, Lions Club ornaments, and decorations that stood out on the tree. Other trees in the collection were submitted by the Shafter Kiddie Kollege, U.S. Postal Service, as well as the Maynard family and the Shafter Youth Center. Everyone visiting the museum were encouraged to take a ballot and vote for their top three trees. Those trees with the most votes were awarded for their efforts.

The winner of this year's contest was the United States Postal Service entry, which had a display of bright red, white and blues, with the motto of "Red, White and Blue, We Deliver for You." The entry had American flags, white and red delivery boxes, as well as red, white and blue ribbons.

Second place went to the Shafter Rotary Club, with their tree entitled "Proud to be an American."

The tree included red, white and blue ribbons, American flags, and a replica of an early space rocket that the United States used to go to into space.

Third place was captured by the Maynard family, with their "Colors of the Advent" tree. It was

filled with purple bulbs, white lambs, camels, and stars.

It is not too late to see the winning trees, along with the other trees that made up the contest, 15 trees in all. The museum will be open on Saturday, Jan. 2, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.


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