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Vaccine arrives; healthcare workers first in line

The covid-19 vaccine has arrived in the city and healthcare workers will be the first to receive it.

The vaccine is being given out in tiers, with the first tier beginning with those persons most at risk, including workers in acute care facilities, skilled nursing facilities, and EMTs, paramedics and dialysis centers.

They are also giving vaccines to residents in long-term care facilities, who have existing conditions that could make the contraction of the virus especially dangerous.

This will be followed by tier two, which will be workers in intermediate care facilities, rural health care clinics, as well as urgent care centers. It will also include community health workers, and those people who work in primary health care clinics, and correctional facility clinics.

Tier three groups will be dental clinics, pharmacies, and laboratory workers.

The vaccines, according to health officials, will be available eventually to the general public, as the supplies improve. Currently, the supplies are very limited and have to be rationed out to those most at risk.


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