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Pandemic brings new adventure to McFarland woman

Veronica Carmona, of McFarland, was working at the Boot Barn in Bakersfield. With the virus making the job market uncertain, a lot of people have had to find ways to support themselves and make ends meet.

Carmona, who enjoyed working at the store, especially selling the different kinds of western jewelry offered, has found a way to thrive.

Carmona now sells western jewelry at various events throughout Kern County, being her own boss.

"I love western jewelry and working with my family. This has been great," said Carmona, at a recent pop-up event in Shafter. At the event, Carmona and Priscilla Garcia put their wares on display, which are becoming a very popular trend in the county. The events allow a number of vendors to gather in one place, safely with social distancing.

"We have a different event almost every weekend," said Carmona.

Carmona said that she makes trips down south regularly to acquire new items, as well as collecting product locally when available.

"This is such a perfect job, working with my family and doing something that I love to do," she said.


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