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Cortez, Martinez, Valadao win after final results certified

The November election was a nail biter for many candidates and constituents.

In the District 4 City Council race, current Mayor Tilo Cortez kept his seat by one vote with candidate Eddie Saldana catching up near the end of the race. On Nov. 30, the two candidates were tied; however, by Dec. 3 that changed on when Cortez led by one vote.

Although District 2 council candidate David Ward led the race after the election, candidate Vince Martinez eventually took the final lead and was declared the winner on Dec. 3 of that open seat left vacant by Danny Espitia. Espitia has been a council member for 20 years serving as 2020 Mayor Pro Tem.

Newly elected council member Martinez thanked Espitia for his many years of dedicated service to the city of Wasco and looks forward to serving the city where he has lived his entire life.

The state races were also extremely close with Congressman TJ Cox and David Valadao flip flopping the lead. Cox led the race almost to the end of the month of November, but in December Valadao took the lead when the final votes were tallied. Valadao added votes from his constituents in Fresno and Tulare. Last week, Cox called Valadao to concede the race for California’s 21st Congressional District.

“Almost three years ago, I entered the race for California’s 21st District as an underdog,” Cox said. “But we out-worked our opponent and pulled off the most stunning upset in Central Valley history. Unfortunately, this year due to the coronavirus we weren’t able to engage in door-to-door personal canvassing and the election results reflected that.”

Valadao attained 85,928 votes or 50.4% with Cox attaining 84,406 votes or 49.5% of the vote.

Cox said that he was happy that he was able to provide opportunities, internships and jobs to many young men and women from the Valley.

“My proudest moment as a member of Congress was when a young woman from the Valley said to me on the day we passed the Dream and Promise Act, ‘Thank you Congressman Cox. You finally make me feel as if someone cares.’ I do care and will continue to fight to make a positive difference in the lives of Central Valley residents.”

The above elections were certified on Dec. 10 by California Secretary of State Alex Padilla.


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