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Newsom issues new lockdown

Last week Gov. Gavin Newsom issued another lockdown in the state, citing the numbers of hospital beds being utilized are increasing in numbers too large for facilities to keep up.

Newsom said that by the end of December, hospitals will be filled with those who have tested positive at the beginning of the month.

“We are implementing a stay-at-home order for three weeks,” Newsom said. “Regions where the ICU capacity is falling below 15%.”

Newsome stated that once again churches, hair salons, nail salons, tattoo parlors and massage facilities should be shut down.

“In addition, all gatherings with people outside your household would also be included in those restrictions along with indoor and outdoor playgrounds,” Director of Kern County Public Health Matt Constantine said.

However, the governor is recommending that everyone continue with some type of outdoor activity to maintain health.

Constantine also said that outdoor dining would be included in the lockdown and retail stores would be reduced from 25 to 20% capacity.

Superintendent of the Wasco Union Elementary School District Kelly Richers sent a letter to all teachers and parents that the district will continue with distance learning for general education for the third quarter.

Richers also said that on-site instruction will continue for certain at-risk students such as special education, homeless and English learning students.

If possible after the third quarter ends, the district will return to in-person instruction depending on the Kern County Public Health Department and the state’s recommendation.

Richers informed everyone that the district will not switch from distance learning to in-person learning during a quarter. It may be possible only at the end of the quarter.


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