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Wasco High principal steps up to assistant superintendent

Principal Kevin Tallon led the students and staff at Wasco High School by example when he displayed kindness and compassion. He has always had an open-door policy and visitors are welcome.

A 1995 Wasco High graduate, Tallon has been principal since 2014 and will culminate 18 years at the high school by being promoted into district administration Jan.1, when he is promoted to the position of assistant superintendent, director of programs.

Tallon said that some of the biggest changes he has seen in education since he began teaching are technology and discipline.

One of his goals was to establish a completely Wi-Fi-accessible campus, which the district has been able to do. That has been especially important with the transition to distance learning due to the pandemic.

Tallon's first position in the district was teaching and being the varsity boys' basketball coach during the 2002-03 school year.

He was interested in taking more of a leadership role on campus and became department chair and eventually a testing coordinator.

"I really enjoyed the different aspects of leadership," Tallon said.

Tallon lists some of his proudest accomplishments as principal focusing on the district's instructional program each year to ensure continuous improvement.

"Our data indicates a positive trend," he said. "There has been a strong focus on professional development in our district that work allows us to utilize the latest research and pedagogy (training) to support the needs of our students and maintain a focus on student learning with high expectations."

Tallon is also proud of the collaboration with the Wonderful Ag Prep Academy, which he said has been very successful.

"Students completing the program receive an AA degree from Bakersfield College," he added.

Tallon also said that over the last five years, the district has redesigned the way it serves special education students.

"We have a model program that has served as an inspiration to several other high schools and have hosted small and large districts to observe our students and staff in the program," he said.

Tallon is a family man and spends a lot of time with his three daughters. His wife teachers at the elementary school district

He has held several different positions at the high school such as teaching in the social science department and advanced placement classes, history and economics. He has also coached football, basketball and baseball. His previous positions included coordinator of curriculum, instruction and assessment and coordinator of district curriculum, and instruction and accountability.

Tallon has had a passion for history.

"I like to visit museums and places with historical significance," he said. "I also enjoy sports and love coaching my daughters whenever I can."


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