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Businesses adjust again to purple tier

After Kern County dropped back to the purple tier, businesses

have become more stringent about the wearing of

masks and social distancing.

Residents were warned a week in advance that the numbers were on the rise and

the county was destined to drop from the red to the purple

tier immediately. That is seven months to the day that

the county went on its original quarantine, lockdown and

school closure.

During the few weeks where it was raised to the red,

people took full advantage to take care of business that had

been prevented. This time, the governor is allowing hair

and nail salons to remain open, limiting the number of customers to only 25% occupancy.

Even though restaurants have had to discontinue

their dining-in services, most are

offering take out or delivery.

Catrina’s Mexican Cantina was caught off

guard by the drop to the purple tier after reopening

the dining room. The owner quickly

let the public know via Facebook that she

would be recreating the restaurant’s outdoor

dining availability as soon as possible.

Café 101 continues to offer take out;

however, there is no delivery service offered.

Starbucks is now only open for pick

up or drive-thru service.

Stores such as Walmart are limiting the

number of customers inside and everyone

is required to don a mask upon entering,

and non-essential businesses are once again


The virus numbers for Wasco went from

1,625 cases on Nov. 3 to 1,891 on Nov. 24.

The number of recovered cases went from

644 on Nov. 3 to 676 on Nov. 24. The presumably

recovered numbers went from 633

on Nov. 3 down to 527 on Nov. 24.

The number of cases in Shafter went

from 1,353 cases on Nov. 3 to 1,576 on

Nov. 24 and the number of recovered cases

dropped from 703 on Nov. 3 to 676 on Nov.

24. The number of presumably recovered

on Nov. 3 was 633 and dropped to 527 on

Nov. 24.

The increase in positive tests may be because

several organizations are stepping up

their testing and increasing the number of

testing sites.

The numbers at Wasco State Prison remain

similar with 318 total cases, 10 new

cases within the past 10 days, 24 active

while in custody numbered and 32 released

while active and 262 resolved cases.


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