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Grimmway teacher tests positive

A teacher at Grimmway Academy in Shafter has tested positive for the coronavirus and is being asked to quarantine.

The school had opened a week ago for a hybrid in-person session, with students attending school in-person for two days a week and distance learning the rest of the week.

According to Casey Yeazel, chief executive officer of Grimmway Schools, the school learned on Friday of the positive test.

He said at this time, none of the other staff, or any of the teacher’s students have tested positive.

Tuesday was the last day that the teacher was on campus and they have recommended that the teacher’s students stay home and be observed by their parents for any symptoms.

“As a result of learning about the positive test, we are following all relevant California Department of Public Health guidance in response to a confirmed covid-19 case infection of a school employee,” Yeazel said. “At this point, contact tracing has not revealed a close contact — as defined by the CDC — with a coworker or with any of our students.”

Yeazel also said that all safety protocols outlined by the CDC appear to have been followed by the teacher including engaging in a daily health screening, and maintaining a safe social distance with co-workers and students.

Yeazel also added, “At this time, no potential close contact exposures have been identified but we will continue to monitor the situation closely.”

In a statement made to parents, Yeazel told them that they consider the health and safety of their students, their families and their employees to be the biggest responsibility each day.

There has been no plans to close the school again, opting to continue the hybrid model of in-person and distance learning.


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