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Governor puts almost all of state in purple tier

Gov. Gavin Newsome has put the brakes on with regard to reopening, citing that because of double the number of covid-19 cases since last week, the state is back down to the most-restrictive tier.

The state was warned last week by Newsom that the numbers were increasing and the time has come to move back instead of forward.

A map displayed during the governor’s speech showed over half of the northern, western and southern parts of California were purple. Newsom stated that Kern County was officially back in the purple tier effective Tuesday, Nov. 17.

“We have had a 48% increase in hospital beds occupied by coronavirus patients in the past two weeks,” the governor said.

What almost seemed like a move to the orange tier just two short weeks ago is now not happening.

In his address to the state on Monday, Nov. 16, he said that the closure begins Tuesday.

“Last week, California became the second state to surpass 1 million total cases,” Newsom said.

He also said that every age group, every racial, ethnic, every part of the state cases are rising as well as positivity rates.

“It’s no longer concentrated in just a handful of counties,” he said. “We are seeing community spread broadly throughout the state of California.”

Newsom added that county officials in Los Angeles are contemplating issuing a curfew at this stage of the pandemic.

Many criticized Newsom for ignoring his own edicts by attending a party Saturday evening at the French Laundry Restaurant in Yountville.

Newsom apologized for the error in judgement and said that instead of preaching he needs to practice what he preaches. He assured listeners that he would follow what he has been preaching to everyone in the state regarding mingling in groups.

“The state now has 41 of 58 counties in the lowest tier (purple),” Newsom said.

A quick check on some local businesses resulted in optimism and a ‘can do ‘attitude. “

A stop at Marias Hair Salon on 5th Street was assuring when Maria said that salons, which includes hair and nails as well as spas, are able to remain open.

In addition, schools that have already had students attending their site are able to retain those students.

“Nothing has changed since the governor made his announcement yesterday,” Wasco Union Elementary School District Superintendent Kelly Richers said. “Clemens remains the only school that remains completely closed in the district because there are no students at that site. We’ve signed all the documents needed and are ready to continue as we have been doing.”

While checking out the restaurant scene in town, Owner Russ Akins of the Pizza Factory said that his business now offers take-out and pickup as well as delivery.

Teresa’s Grill is also taking the attitude of acceptance by stating that this time they know what to expect.

Daniel Dominguez from Starbucks said that business has been great. “Today [Tuesday, Nov. 17] was the first day we had to shut down inside seating,” he said. “We’ve been open to 25% indoor customers for about a month now.”

With the governor demanding everyone who ventures outside has to wear a mask, there is no question that Walmart is enforcing that requirement, unlike before when a mask was optional. There are some directional arrows on the larger aisles; but no one-way arrows.


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