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Council told of increase in domestic violence

Kern County Sheriff’s Office Sergeant Peter Martinez reported to the City Council that there has been an increase in domestic violence crimes since the pandemic began.

He said he would have a complete report citing statistics at the next council meeting.

He also said crime on the whole has increased since the covid-19 pandemic began and those numbers will also be ready at the next meeting.

In other business, the City Council discussed the park on 7th Street, which is just around the corner from the city offices.

A suggestion to make it a park honoring veterans was presented and calling it Veterans Park and not using anyone’s name. Other suggestions included a nice walkway, a fountain or a statue with a plaque. There should also be some grass left in the park.

Also on the agenda was an update about the conditions and improvements for downtown 7th Street. The trees that were removed need to be replaced.

Mayor Tilo Cortez mentioned planter boxes.

City Manager Daniel Ortiz-Hernandez said that because the roots of the trees go so far into the ground, it would be difficult to replant trees in those open spots and nearby, even though the original roots were mulched as much as possible.


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