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Community Coalition provides updates

The second virtual Wasco Community Coalition meeting on Wednesday, Sept. 2, took place online with various groups reporting on their recent activities:

1. Keri Cobb from the City’s planning department updated attendees on the city’s procedures. She said city offices remain closed to the public, but that work continues. City staff is available over the phone and online.

She also said the city is moving forward on conducting a school traffic safety survey, and that the city launched its new website a few months ago. Cobb encouraged others to check out the website. She also mentioned that residents are now able to make a request and/or report a problem.

2. Sergeant Pete Martinez said the Sheriff’s Office is open to one person or family at a time and that masks are required. There is a red phone outside the office that can be used if residents don’t want to go inside.

3. Assistant Superintendent Rob Cobb provided an update on the smooth progress so far with the distance learning when school started Aug. 12. He also said hotspots will be available for students who need them. Students are encouraged to call the high school at 758-8447.

4. Marleni Maston, adult education coordinator at Wasco Independence High School, said all classes are online except for the CNA course on Wednesdays, when it is offered on campus.

5. Kelly Richers, superintendent of the Wasco Union Elementary School District Kelly Richers, mentioned that the district is at 92% attendance during distance learning.

6. Jaime Lopez, from Bakersfield College, said the semester started last week and the campus is currently closed; however, lab-required classes are offered on campus.

7. Daisy Torres, from Kern Family Health Care, said the offices are closed but services are still being offered. Visit the website for more information.

8. Adventist Health: An unidentified spokesperson said that services are available at the office and over the phone.

9. Sherry Wade, from the Kern County Library, reported that libraries will soon be open. Virtual books are available for all age groups. Authors will be visiting in November and December for virtual visits. Check the library website for additional information.

10. Wasco Librarian Ernestina Garcia mentioned that PPE supplies are still available at the library until the end of September and the library is still testing for covid-19 until the end of September.

11. Gina Torres, from the California Rail Builders, announced a virtual community meeting will be happening in October. Schools can contact her for donations at (661) 438-3440.

12. Miguel Salazar, from the Kern County Department of Human Services, announced that their office in Shafter is closed; however, they are still providing services. For online services go to or call 746-8300.

13. Jose Luis Gonzalez, from Kern County Planning, mentioned that Governor Newsom signed a statewide bill to protect tenants from eviction due to covid-19. For the county and Bakersfield residents, funds for rent or mortgage will soon be available for those affected by the virus.

Yerania Esparza also mentioned that the Home Access Program is still available.

14. The president of the Wasco Recreation and Parks Board said the website is now available ( Virtual camps are available for the kids. Check the website for current available positions.

15. Valerie Rodriguez, from United Way, informed the attendees that United Way is currently recruiting volunteers for next year’s tax season. She also reminded attendees to fill out the Census as the last day is Sept. 30.

16. Hailey Coyle told the attendees that the Wasco Rose Queen pageant will be happening virtually on Thursday, September 7. Tickets will be on sale Monday, Sept. 7.

The October meeting will also be virtual on Wednesday, Oct. 6, at 8 a.m.


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