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Some businesses manage to thrive during pandemic

In spite of the covid-19 business closures, several local businesses have managed to stay open despite the decrease in customers and loss of income.

Some local businesses have even been able to expand

Wasco's Delicias Sinaloenses Ice Cream Shop, at 2330 Highway 46, is one of the lucky ones.

Opened in April 2019, the shop is owned by Fabiana Hernandez and her husband, Miguel Garcia. Daughter Brianda Garcia manages the business.

"You should have seen how busy we used to be on Sundays," Briana Garcia said. "We were packed."

She said sales have dropped about 50% since the pandemic began. Even though it's been slower than last year, two part-time employees have been hired since the opening.

In addition, she mentioned that her parents are thinking of opening another location in Bakersfield.

A variety of food items are made and sold at Delicias Sinaloenses such as their popular hot dogs, several varieties of Sopas and many ice cream dishes from a regular cone to a banana split and ice cream sundaes.

"Our most popular item is Tosti Ceviches (shrimp, potato, onion, cucumber and chili seasoning on a tortilla)," Garcia said.

They also serve containers of fresh fruit, canned sodas and different flavored smoothies.

"My mother creates her own ice creams such as Bubu Lobo (chocolate and marshmallows), Garrito (chocolate with cheese) and Frese Con Queso (like a chocolate-covered Twinkie with a strawberry cream center made into an ice cream)," Garcia said.

"We are good because we are still here," a smiling Garcia said. Assisting Garcia at the shop was good friend Alva Quintero.

Another local business able to weather the covid-19 shutdown is Peterson's Auto Supply, at 1348 F Street.

Owner Greg Wankum has worked in the business since 1978 and has owned Peterson's with his wife, Dianna, since 1991.

In an earlier interview, Wankum said the biggest change he has seen in automobiles is the computerization, and in 2018 he wasn't happy about that change.

Peterson's handles repairs on agricultural machinery more than automobiles; however, he also said that they carry everything you might need to fix your automobile.

"When I bought the business, I knew we would have to diversify," Wankum said. "I continued with the auto parts (hydraulics, filters, belts, etc.) and began offering agricultural machine parts." He said that there is also a machine shop on the premises.

Peterson's is also a family-owned business with owner Wankum and one of his sons, Matt Wankum, as assistant manager.


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