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More candidates for Miss Wasco Rose Queen

The Miss Wasco Rose Queen pageant has been set for Thursday, Sept. 10, though in what format it will be produced is still to be determined by organizers. The rest of this year's 22 contestants have been in the paper and are featured at for the past two weeks.

Photos by Vincent Martinez.

Idaly Flores Landeros

Sponsored by Mike and Sunni Dobbs

Idaly Flores Landeros is the daughter of Elizabeth Landeros and Maurillo Flores. She has one younger sister.

"I want to be Rose Queen because I want to empower the young generation to believe in them and to not let their past determine who they become in the future," she said. "I want them to let their struggles be a learning experience to better them. I want kids who don't have as many opportunities to realize hard work can get you far and it's okay to have bad days, but push yourself and be a hard worker and a good person."

Her favorite part about living in Wasco is how close the community is. "We are all supportive of one another," she said. "I like to be friends with everyone I meet, but if I had to choose, I would say my boyfriend Alejandro Prieto, who is more like my bestie than my boyfriend. My closest friends would be, of course, Daisy Cendejas and Gladis Castillo, who always find a way to convince my mom into anything."

Idaly participated in the Wonderful Academy College Prep program, FFA, yearbook, class office and having the chance to raise an animal for the Kern County Fair. She is also this year's ASB publicity manager at Wasco High. and she looks forward to the new and creative things the school will be trying in order to keep students at WHS involved through distance learning.

Her passion in life is to be there for others the same way that she would want others to be there for her. "We live in a world where hat is thrown so easily, so having the ability to make someone smile when they are having a rough day brings me joy," Idaly said. "I would also like to repay my parents one day for all they have given me and be able to fulfill their dreams, just like they are supporting mine."

Idaly's favorite teacher is Mrs. Castruita. "She doesn't know it, but sometimes when she'd talk to me in AP English after a question, I'd actually tear up knowing we had a teacher like her at WHS," she said. "She always knew what to say and never made students feel silly for asking a question."

Her favorite subject at school is art, but if she couldn't choose art, she would choose English, because she admits she could talk for days.

Idaly was involved in student government by being the publicity manager for the junior class, and this year she is the ASB publicity manager.

She would like to attend California State University, Chico after she graduates from WHS. In five years she sees herself with a degree and living in a small ranch out in the country where she can ride horses off into the sunset. She also wants a lot of animals around her.

"If I could live anywhere in the world, I would like to live in Italy," she said. "Not because my name is Idaly, but to live in Italy on a ranch filled with green grass, tons of trees, hills, flower fields and horses. As long as it's beautifully green and rustic and I have horses, I'll be happy."

Irene Vargas

Sponsored by Frank Sanchez Ag

Irene Vargas is the daughter of Yanitsy Diaz and Alberto Vargas She has two sisters and one half-sister.

"I feel like being Rose Queen would be an amazing experience and opportunity for me," she said. "I have always loved this little town I call home and being able to represent it would be a huge honor."

What Irene enjoys most about living in Wasco is that the community gets together every year during the parades held every year. "That's the one time of the year where you see all the locals participating," Irene said. "The feeling of being there and eating donuts from Donuts to Go is amazing."

Irene's best friend is her older sister Marisel Vargas. "She is one of the only people I can be myself around without feeling like I'm being judged," she said.

She was involved in FFA during her freshman and sophomore years. She also served as a class officer her freshman year. She participated in the yearbook club her junior year and has been a part of the Wonderful Academy College Prep Program for three years.

Irene's passion these days is mental health. "I want to be able to go to college and pursue a career in psychology so I can help others when they feel like there isn't anyone else they can go to," she said.

Her favorite teacher is chemistry teacher Mr. Martinez because he is very helpful when students need help in any of their classes.

Irene's favorite subject is math. "I love math," she said. "it's the subject that has always come easiest to me."

She plans on staying local and attending Cal State, Bakersfield.

In five years, she sees herself done with college and working as a therapist or school counselor. She has chosen to be either a therapist or school counselor for her career path.

"If I could live anywhere in the world, it would probably be Greece or the state of Washington," she said. "I love how beautiful the scenery is there."

Mikayla T. Orozco

Sponsored by Wasco Historical Society

Mikayla T. Orozco is the daughter of Juan and Merissa Orozco. She has one brother.

"I would like to be Rose Queen to show my community that I am a young lady with self-confidence and am instilled with great morals and values," she said. "And to be more involved in my community and to be a great role model for young girls in the city of Wasco.

Mikayla loves living in Wasco because of the small community feeling and knowing almost everyone in the city.

Her best friend is Carina Leyva.

Mikayla participated in cheerleading her freshman and sophomore years. During her four years of high school, she also participated in FFA and raised and showed market swine.

She has a strong passion for agriculture and her favorite teachers are all her FFA teachers while her favorite subject in school is math.

Mikayla was the Wasco FFA Historian during the 2019-2020 school year.

She plans on attending Texas A&M or the University of Arizona. She sees herself in five years still at the university studying veterinary medicine.

"If I could live anywhere in the world, I would live in Pismo Beach," she said. "I chose Pismo Beach because of the great coastal weather, and it has a small-town community feeling just like Wasco."

Isabella Guidiano Garcia

Isabella Garcia is sponsored by Planet Dance

Isabella Giuliana Garcia grew up in Shafter.

She is the daughter of Daniel and Veronica Garcia. She has one brother.

"I want to be rose Queen because as a competitive dancer, I have represented the City of Wasco for six years and brought home a National Championship Title," she said. "I have been able to represent my town through my skills as a dancer and I would love the opportunity to have the town get to know me personally as their Wasco Rose Queen."

Isabella likes Wasco because of the pride everyone has by being part of a tight-knit community. She loves the support and encouragement that she has found from the people who live in the city.

Her best friends are Janet Gonzalez, Ashley Servin and Jackie Mendez.

During her school years, Isabella spent most of her time dancing at Planet Dance Studio and being a varsity cheerleader, in FFA, theater and band.

Isabella's passion is dancing and she loves to perform in front of an audience.

Her favorite teacher at school is Arturo Navarrete and her favorite subject in school is English.

She is involved in ASB and is the 2020-2021 cheer rep.

Isabella plans on attending cosmetology school. In five years, she sees herself as a licensed cosmetologist doing photo shoots, print work, videos and movies. "I would also like to train and teach dancers who want to work commercially," she said. "I also want to be a dance teacher."

If Isabella could pick any place in the world to live she said that she doesn't know if she could pick just one place because she loves to travel and would like to travel around the world. "I want to be able to use my gifts and talents to give back to people," she said.

Bianca Edith Rodriguez

Sponsored by Polly and Jeff Hughes

Bianca Edith Rodriguez is the daughter of Esperanza Luz Rodriguez and Jose Manuel Rodriguez. She has one sister and four brothers.

"I want to be Rose Queen because I want to represent my town and be the voice of everyone living in Wasco," she said.

Bianca likes living in Wasco because of the small-town feel it offers. "Everyone knows everybody and we all help each other when someone needs it," she said.

Her best friend is Rose Queen candidate Cassandra Hinojosa. Bianca has participated in cheer, drama club, Students for Community Change Club and has been in two competitions for her advanced drama class.

Bianca's passion is music. "I love to sing my heart out, listen and write music," she said. Her favorite teachers are Mrs. Yasenchak, Mrs. Bradley and Mr. Huddleston and her favorite subjects in school are English and Science.

Bianca wants to attend either Chapman University, Cal. State University Monterey Bay or Fresno State. She wants to be an anthropologist.

In five years she sees herself close to graduating from college.

"If I could live anywhere in the world, I will always choose a small town because of the feeling of knowing and getting along with everyone," she said.

Elizabeth Padilla

Sponsored by Arredondo Electric

Elizabeth Padilla is the daughter of Nancy Elizabeth and Jesus Reyes Padilla. She has two younger brothers.

"I want to be Rose Queen because I would like to inspire little girls and boys and teenagers in my community to love themselves for who they are," she said. "I would like to be positive about any situation and keep up with everything that goes on in Wasco."

Elizabeth's favorite part about living in Wasco is she likes is it's a small town and easy to get to our favorite spots in town. "There is so much to do such as participating in community activities," she said.

Elizabeth's best friends include Ingrid Gonzalez, Miguel Leon and her mother.

Some of her activities that she participated in include FFA, Future Woman Leaders of America Club and club treasurer, sophomore class publicity manager, junior class treasurer, JV and varsity cheerleading and ASB treasurer.

Her passion is baking. Elizabeth's favorite teacher is her sophomore history teacher Mrs. Bradley and her favorite subject is math. "Even though math is very challenging and hard at points," she said. "I enjoy challenging myself and that is why math is my favorite subject."

Elizabeth wants to go to Cal State University, Stanislaus. "I want to go there because of the nursing program they offer," she said. "What I want to do is be a nurse anesthetist because I would like to be there for my patient during their surgery and making sure they are responding well to the anesthesia."

If Elizabeth could live anywhere in the world, it would be Japan because of their culture and food. "I would meet new people in a foreign country and learn new things," she said.

Marlen Paredes Ruiz

Sponsored by Maria's Tax Service

Marlen Paredes Ruiz is the daughter of Iris Paredes Ruiz. She has an older sister, two older brothers and a younger brother.

"I would like to be Rose Queen because I love to be out in the public and help my community," Marlen said. I also love helping those outside of my community and helping those in need while giving back to everyone who has given me so much."

Marlen likes living in Wasco because of the people and the community. "Everyone is so kind and generous, with open hearts and smiles," she said.

Marlen's best friend is her mom. "She's my best friend because she has always been there for me since day one and will still be there for me to listen, advise me, help me, teach me, comfort me, discipline me and many more," she said. "A mother is like glue, the heartbeat to your home and the purest love anyone could ever know. A mother is not only your mother but your friend first, your best friend as a teen, but your forever friend for always and forever."

She participated in sports, academics, competitions, FFA, theater and band. She also was a part of choir and steel drums band.

Marlen's passion is music. "Music has always been a major part of my life that it's everywhere and in everything I do on a daily basis or even beyond my daily life," she said.

Her favorite teacher is her mother. "Mothers are our first teachers," she said. "A mother is a teacher of love, manners and respect because when they have faith and believe in us, we then do have faith and believe in ourselves. Acceptance, tolerance, bravery and compassion are the things my mom taught me."

Marlen's favorite subject is performing arts because she enjoys different forms of art such as singing, dancing, acting and performing them in different ways.

While not necessarily involved in student government, she did help her class her freshman year in the taco sale at one of the home football games.

Marlen would like to attend Bakersfield College and Cal State, Monterey after graduating from WHS.

When she grows up, she would like to be a criminologist or marine biologist and succeed in life just like her mother and siblings have.

"If I could live anywhere in the world, it would be Europe," she said. "It is one of the most beautiful continents within the world with varieties of cultural cities."


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