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Car washes are all in the family

Son comes back to serve

A local father owns one family-run car wash in Wasco and his son owns a car wash in Shafter.

Shafter Car Wash is owned by Gerardo Garza. Garza was getting ready to retire and called his son Edward Garza to come back to Wasco and help him run the Wasco Car Wash.

Edward is a WHS graduate. After high school he left for Cal State Long Beach. After graduating, he continued living there for about 10 years and worked at Aspen Medical Products creating spinal orthotics via digital modeling, prototyping and engineering medical products. While with Aspen, he traveled to Taiwan and China.

When his father beckoned, Edward quit his job and came home to help his father. His brother, Gerardo, manages the Shafter Car Wash.

He knew that coming home to help his father was going to be a permanent move for his family. He has been back in Wasco for about 10 months.

When Edward graduated from WHS, he helped his dad out by doing janitorial work at both car washes.

"Family has always been important to me," Garza said. "My wife's family is from Coachella Valley, but I knew I would someday I'd be back in Wasco for my family."

Garza has a new baby that arrived in March.

On any morning you can see Garza watering the car wash grounds to keep them clean.

The car wash offers two types of washes. There is the self-wash where a customer drives into a tunnel and hand-washes the vehicle.

The second option is an all-service wash where large mop-like devices clean off the vehicle and then air blows the water off. This option also offers a sealer before the blower.

Although there have been problems with the water pressure in Wasco, Garza said the water pressure at the car wash is fine. "There have been times when it's been low, but for now, it's good," he said.

Credit cards and debit cards are welcome; however, the self-wash requires tokens once money is dropped into the machine.

The deluxe electronic car wash is less expensive than many hand car washes in Bakersfield, Garza said.

Wasco Car Wash is located at 490 Peters, off Highway 46, close to the Highway 43 turnoff and across the street from Family Auto. The Shafter location is near Apple Market at the corner of Poso and Shafter Avenue.


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