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Restaurants beef up safety, sanitation

There is one aspect of the Covid-19 pandemic that will benefit everyone dining out.

All restaurants must adhere to strict sanitization standards by disinfecting all seating and tables after each customer leaves the restaurant. That means no more cups and saucers or plates with leftover food left on the tables.

Covid-19 has brought changes that will allow diners to feel more comfortable about their dining out.

Another big change is the wearing of masks. All staff working in restaurants and businesses must wear masks covering their mouths and noses.

This does not mean that customers must do this, as many customers dining at both Hoyett's Sandwich Shop and Café 101 did without them on Tuesday. The only people wearing masks were the employees; however, the owner and cook at Hoyett's does not wear a mask when cooking. "He doesn't interact with the customers," waitress Ann Wilburn said. "If he sees someone he knows, he will shout out to them from the grill."

Hoyett's has made some big changes to their decor. They have organized all their memorabilia and have a hand-painted Wasco Tiger logo with tiger paws painted along one wall. A colorful Coca-Cola display section is featured, and the interior has been freshly painted and sanitized for customers

Max Newcomb and Linda Newcomb, Kevin's parents, were available in case the restaurant got busy and they could help out.

Hoyett's hours are different than they were before the pandemic. Monday through Wednesday, they are open from 7 a.m. until 2 p.m. On Thursdays, they reopen from 5-7 p.m.

Every other Saturday the restaurant will switch from offering breakfast and dinner. "This Saturday we will be serving breakfast," waitress Lydia Adams said.

"Next Saturday we will have dinner."

"We disinfect the seats and table after each customer gets up from his or her meal," Adams said. "This is all new to us because we just opened yesterday, June 1."

Enjoying a Hoyett's patty melt for the first time was customer Eddie Trujillo, who was eating at Hoyett's for the first time. "I love to seek out little country diners and eat out," Trujillo said. "A lot of people in town have recommended the place to me."

The second restaurant with strict sanitation and disinfecting routines is Café 101.

Waitress Alicia Aguiler said that each table and seating is disinfected whenever a customer is done. "All of the employees must wear masks," she said.

Enjoying a special meal at Café 101 was Gina Torres, who is employed with the California Rail Builders. "We stopped in to celebrate my birthday," she said. "We haven't visited since February because of the quarantine."

Panda Express is still putting the finishing touches on the inside, making it ready for opening day this Saturday. Program Manager Steve Driver and Jerry Pung were both prepping the place, making last-minute corrections.

Tentatively, Panda Express will be open from 10 a.m. to 9:30 p.m., depending on how Saturday goes.


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