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Phase 2 opening begins

There has been a lot of chatter on Facebook since the governor announced Wednesday that Kern County was eligible to implement Phase II of the coronavirus quarantine.

But that doesn't mean everything is going back to normal.

One quick trip down 7th Street in Wasco was a view of precaution and "safety first."

Café 101 remained open for take-out only orders only, along with Hong Kong Restaurant, Caterina's and Theresa's.

Yi Huang at Hong Kong Restaurant said that there was no definite date when they will be open for inside dining, and a sign at El Pueblo Restaurant on 7th Street emphasized that they were open for take-out only.

Divine Nails on Highway 46 remains closed until the COVID-19 quarantine is completely over. Fernando's Flower Shop on 7th Street remains open.

Rosie's Cakes and Cookies on E Street is open asking customers to place phone orders, for curbside delivery of their goodies to your car. "Business has been good," a worker only identifying herself as Annie said.

"Business has been horrible," countered Marcos Guerrero at the El Campasino supply store on 7th Street.

Generally, businesses are maintaining the status quo for the past few weeks, and there are no plans to open wider soon.

All employees working counters wore face masks; however, customers visiting the establishments were for the most part mask-free.


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