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Council deals with HSR conflict

The city is moving forward on its grievances on compensation for the High Speed Rail project here.

At Tuesday night’s City Council meeting, City Manager Daniel Ortiz-Hernandez presented a letter that was sent to the California High Speed Rail Authority from the City of Wasco. It addresses the city’s concerns and impacts the HSR has had on the city.

Ortiz-Hernandez said that the city has incurred security and maintenance costs and the cost of purchasing the building at the corner of Poso/J and Wasco Streets because of the HSR.

In earlier correspondence, the HSR said that it would work with the city to discuss any negative impact the HSR has on the city.

Ortiz-Hernandez also brought the council up to date with changes being made before the city reopens. “We have ordered and are waiting for the installation of glass shields for counters,” he said. “Meanwhile, we will wait for updates from the governor and the Health Department about the next step the city takes.”

Ortiz-Hernandez isn’t sure what modifications will need to be in place once the city gets back to full time.

He also said that the city will continue with modified services. “Things should be changing by the end of this week,” Ortiz-Hernandez said.

In other business, Kern County Sheriff’s Department Sergeant Peter Martinez presented a report on crime in the city. He noted that arrests, theft and crime have gone down during the quarantine period.


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